Sunday, 29 January 2012

Dreams Do Come True authors make their first donation to St Marys Hospital

Trudie and Lloyd Thompson have made their first donation to the IVF fund at St Mary's Hospital, the IVF facility that made their own dream come true.

'Dreams Do Come True' documents their unconventional love story as they deal with a 12 year course of IVF that sees them lose two businesses and eventually file for bankruptcy before finally realising their dream of becoming parents. 

Lloyd, who is now a proud father to 12-year-old Jaja commented; "Writing the book was a great way for us to reflect on the whole journey that really made our world complete - even though we do talk about it nearly everyday. For me writing this book was a great way to show other men that it is ok to talk about IVF, you don't need to keep it locked in."

Trudie added: "I started writing my feelings down as over the years I came to realise that until I had my beautiful boy I was addicted to getting pregnant as it was all I wanted in the world. Throughout our IVF I experienced a range of emotions, so I really wanted this book to help others who might be experiencing the same. It is also very important to us as a family that with this book we are be able to give something back to the hospital that set us off on our journey – Saint Mary’s Hospital."

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