Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Pitch Up! The New Book from Paul Boross

Paul Boross is applying his considerable experience in pitching to write his new book "Pitch Up!" which focuses on the personal pitch as a means to succeed in the ever more challenging recruitment market.

Pitch Up! will be published in January 2013 so you'll be able to get it just in time for your New Year job search.

Corporate Godfathers contending for CMI's Management Book of the Year

The Chartered Management Institute are holding their annual Management Book of the Year awards and Corporate Godfathers by Segreto Uno is being considered in the category of 'Commuter's Read'.

Please go to the website and vote for the book!

Your career is your future - are you going to let your competitors climb over you to get to the top?

Or are you prepared to take a leaf out of the Mafia’s book and use their career guide to get to the position that you want, and deserve?

Corporate Godfathers is the Mafia’s secret career guide, issued to the new recruits that are being placed into corporations everywhere. You can either stand back and let them take those promotions from right under your nose, or you can learn their methods and play them at their own game.

The Mob is infiltrating its bright, ambitious and loyal young men and women into top corporations, their goal being to do whatever is necessary to advance their careers until they're occupying the top positions.

You might think that, in reading this book, you can use these methods yourself to gain an unfair career advantage. But look over your shoulder; the newcomer in your company may be an undercover gangster. Whatever you do, don't cross that person. Not if you value your career... or even your life.

It's going to take twenty - maybe thirty - years to complete the takeover. But leaders of The Mob are patient. Corporate Godfathers is the Mob's future.

You might think that, in reading this book, you can use these methods yourself to gain an unfair career advantage. But look over your shoulder; the newcomer in your company may be an undercover gangster. Whatever you do, don't cross that person. Not if you value your career... or even your life.

It's going to take twenty - maybe thirty - years to complete the takeover. But leaders of The Mob are patient. They predict that operations such as gambling, prostitution and drugs will be taken over by legal businesses or governmental bodies.

Corporate Godfathers is the Mob's future.

Monday, 27 August 2012

'40 Interview Icebergs' released today

40 Interview Icebergs and How to Sail Around Them, the new book by Michael Heath, is released today.

Michael's latest book takes advice from recruiters, experts and business owners and condenses it into 40 common mistakes that job candidates make, and which prevent them from getting the jobs that they dream of.

With this book, we've introduced a brand new feature on the CGW Publishing website - you can download a sample chapter. The first chapter of 40 Icebergs can be downloaded here, and it contains all of the icebergs or common mistakes associated with writing a CV.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Amazon reviews for Dreams Do Come True

Amazon reviews for Dreams Do Come True

Read This Book, 26 July 2012

If you want to be inspired and uplifted then READ THIS BOOK
If you have fertility problems then READ THIS BOOK
If you have relationship problems then READ THIS BOOK
If you want to laugh a lot then READ THIS BOOK
If you want to feel true emotion then READ THIS BOOK
If you want to feel as though you have done something truly amazing then READ THIS BOOK as the proceeds are to help others.
I laughed and cried but most of all I felt human and I felt as though I belonged, this book gave me back my sanity and my true belief in myself.

What a brilliant book ! ;-), 17 July 2012

Well what can i say but this book is absolutely brilliant it had me smiling to all most crying its the best book I've read in my life and is something close to my own heart. Trudie & Lloyd have put there hearts & souls in to this book really brought it home that how much one couple wanted a special little person in their life as much as the next person. Ive gotta say it had me welling up from the first chapter. You've just gotta read it to understand i can assure you once you start this book you'll not be able to put it down its the case of you want to know what happened next. Best thing is they got Jaja in the end and the book is to raise money for a brilliant cause please share the link and book with everyone you know.

Good luck Trudie & Lloyd and Jaja raising the money i wish you all the best in the journey to raising the 1 million pound lots of love from us xxxxxxxx ;-)

Loved it., 8 July 2012
By juliemo61 - See all my reviews

A really great read. I smiled, I laughed and I cried my way through this book. I admire the down to earth, honest descriptive writing. Very refreshing. It's amazing how two people have survived all the trauma they have gone through, and still seem to be very much in love. Well done for such an inspirational book. The very best of luck in achieving your goal.

Dreaams Do Come True/ The Proof is in the reading., 13 Jun 2012
By J M Swarbrick (Leyland) - See all my reviews

Couldn't put this book down. Well worth reading , Funny, witty, full of emotion, an experience to treasure. One can learn so much from this book, that a family's love and perseverance can conquer that which seems insurmountable. Many thanks to the Authors.

Dreams Do Come True, 12 Jun 2012
By Julia, Lancs - See all my reviews

A great read. Very personal and heart warming; tells how a couple can overcome the odds, keeping their marriage intact and taking the blows with determination to fulfill their lifelong dream of having a family. Very inspiring for those out there still hoping to make a baby.

Amazing - what a read, 11 Jun 2012
By Mrs N - Lancashire - See all my reviews
Never written a review about a book before but had to write one about this one.

A truly amazing, heart wrenching story of a true life experience of one fantastic couple.

You can't put it down once you start reading it, it's so enjoyable - a very easy read but very touching, obviously written from the heart.

an excellent read, 1 Jun 2012
By Mrs C (Lancs) - See all my reviews

Just loved this book, what a wonderful story really found it hard to put down. You have to admire this couple for determination and strength to overcome the the heartache of what life sometimes throws at you. Its one of those books you could read over and over again. excellent and inspirational.Must also add that I found it a lot more enjoyable than fifty shades of Grey.

A Book of love, life and laughs... Just couldn't put it Down..., 24 April 2012
By LisaMarie - See all my reviews

I bought this book as i am about to start the IVF journey myself and have a very dear friend who's first round of IVF very upsettingly failed (I have bought her the book and hope she finds it as great a read as me)
This book shows how Trudy and Lloyd have battled when the world was against them, yet at the end they have the most beautiful young man there is. It tells a story that keeps you wanting more and more (my husband had to literally take the kindle off me one night as it was gone 1am and I was chuckling away)
I cried a tear and also laughed so hard (whilst having my car MOT'd, in a full car showroom can I add) and found it so hard to put down.
This book is a joy to read, and is written so very well that you feel the authors are actually reading it to you,

About to start IVF? Or know someone who is? Then this is the book for you.... It helps you understand.

Well done Trudy and Lloyd, a cracking read!

Dreams Do Come True, 16 April 2012
By Adele - Blackburn - See all my reviews

Excellent read and would definitely endorse. I was recommended this book by a friend and it was the first I downloaded on my Kindle. I don't usually read non-fiction and I have never reviewed a book before, but I found Trudie and Lloyd's story made me laugh out loud, sometimes brought me near to tears and as a mother it made me realise how lucky I am - I don't think I've ever discussed a book so much. I hope that the Thompsons achieve their goal in raising the funds through their book to help others become parents.

The Power Of Positive Thinking, 10 Mar 2012
By M. Goulding (Crete, Greece) - See all my reviews

If I wanted to read a book that would help me triumph over adversity, this would be it. So often this type of book can be maudling, but this one tells you in simple terms that if you set your mind to something you CAN do it (my capitals, not those of the authors). It reminded me of Jeffrey Archer's first book - the story of his own determination to triumph over bankruptcy - "Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less". I say that, not because the authors' own experiences were in any way similar to his. But because in their own way, in their very different social situation, they did it too. Well done to them - and thanks for the read!

By Miss G. Sage "Gilly" (Lancashire UK) - See all my reviews

What a lovely book, so touching, amazing, informative, heartwarming and with a touch of sadness, but what a wonderful outcome, and also a brilliant read very well written by the Thompsons,I loved the way it gives his and hers points of view I couldn't put it down will recommend it to all my friends. A Wonderful read. Can't wait for the sequel!!

Excellent read, 2 Dec 2011
By Penman - See all my reviews

A story written from the heart about an ordinary couple who have gone through so much together yet continued to remain strong and positive. This book is an excellent read and once you have it in your hand you just cannot put it down. It's a fantastic story that reaches all your emotions and shows how you can achieve anything with the right attitude. We should all buy this book especially if we need uplifting but buy it anyway because it's an amazing story that will send you on a very heart warming, humorous and positive journey. A must buy for both women and men. We can all learn from this human story so simply click and purchase. You won't be disappointed and its money well spent. Truly inspirational. Well done Trudie and Lloyd.