Thursday, 26 April 2012

Trudie and Lloyd Thompson to appear on Channel 5 with Fern Britton

Trudie and Lloyd Thompsonare appearing on Fern Britton's daytime talk show on Channel 5 on Monday 30th April.

Trudie writes, "We are looking forward to Monday and Fern Britton is taking control of us, she was one of the first celebs we wrote to in order to spearhead the book but she was unable to help because of all the work she does for Genesis, Professor Winston's charity, but she wrote a handwritten letter to us explaining her situation and wishing us all the luck for our quest stating that she would be watching our progress from the side lines"

The programme is on Monday 30th April on Channel 5 from 11.10 to 12:00.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

CGW Publishing signs more new authors

We're very excited to announce two new authors who will be joining us soon.

Both Hugh Jackman and Michael Heath will have books in print with us by mid May, and both bring something new to our line-up.

We'll bring you more details in due course, and of course keep an eye on the book stores.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Pocket Pitching Bible nearing completion

Paul Boross' new book, The Pocket Pitching Bible, is now in its final stages of production and will be available very soon.

Paul says "I'm very excited because I've been getting such good feedback on the original, 'The Pitching Bible'. I wanted to release a pocket version of the book which you can carry easily in your pocket or briefcase for those all important last minute preparations. It's packed full of checklists and exercises and it doesn't have all the depth of The Pitching Bible, so it really is what it says, a companion guide."

The Pocket Pitching Bible will be available, as always, in all good book stores priced at £7.99.

ISBN 978-1-9082931-2-1

The Pitch Doctor writes for Real Business magazine

Ask The Pitch Doctor: How do I impress the board?

Q: I’ve recently started my own consultancy business. A customer has asked me to put a pitch together for their board. I'm terrified! How can I make sure I wow them?

A: Firstly, congratulations. It’s an interesting time to start a service business.

Currently your focus is on yourself – how you feel and what you think of your experience. But focusing on yourself won’t get you anywhere. In a crowded marketplace, you need to focus on how your client can benefit from tapping into your expertise.

Daily Mail features Trudie and Lloyd Thompson's IVF book Dreams Do Come True

The Daily Mail has also featured the Thompsons' uplifting and inspiring story:

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Trudie and Lloyd Thompson on TV Tonight

Trudie and Lloyd Thompson will be appearing on BBC North West Tonight and Granada Reports on ITV, and we've also had a call from another daytime talk show on Channel 5 asking them to appear.

This is all excellent news for the Thompsons, as it will help them to raise awareness of the need to support IVF units, not just at St Marys but across the UK.

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Daily Mirror tells the Thompson's unique story

Trudie and Lloyd Thompson's story is in the Daily Mirror today:

It's wonderful that their story has now received mass media coverage, helping them to sell more books and raise more money for the Hospital that helped their dream come true.

And even more exciting is the fact that this morning, we received an email from the producer of a daytime ITV talk show, asking if the Thompsons would like to appear to tell their story.

We will of course keep you posted.

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Review for The NLP Practitioner Manual

The online Learning & Development magazine, TrainingZone, has reviewed The NLP Practitioner Manual by Peter Freeth and Stepheni Smith in its monthly book club.

What does this book promise?

The books back cover states:

‘This book will you how to adapt and apply NLP in any professional environment’
...enable you to ‘integrate NLP into your world for the very best results, both for yourself and your clients’ you to understand the underlying structure of NLP's techniques’

I believe the book delivers on this promise.