Tuesday, 3 December 2013

CGW Publishing to Launch Time Travel Delivery Service

In order to upstage Amazon's bizarre drone powered delivery plans, CGW Publishing has announced its new time travel delivery service.

The new service works by delivering the book before the customer has bought it, so from their point of view, the book arrives at the instant they complete the transaction.

The high cost of the technology required is offset by the use of cheap delivery labour, using the existing network of canals and narrowboats, the pony express and boy scouts.

When a customer orders a book, it is sent back in time to the most cost effective delivery point and transported to the customer's location where it then waits in secure storage for the customer to order it, at which time it is then posted through the customer's letter box.

The new service is currently being trialled in 1973, and will be available worldwide as from yesterday.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Special Christmas Offers on Books

Here are three special offers on Peter Freeth's books for Christmas - half price (plus a contribution towards shipping costs):

Genius at Work
Cover price £20

Shipping options

The NLP Practitioner Manual
Cover price £25

Shipping options

The NLP Master Practitioner Manual
Cover price £25

Shipping options