Wednesday, 23 October 2013

New Review for Genius at Work

Genius at Work takes a fresh look at how to build an effective and committed workforce. Through relevant case studies Peter Freeth illustrates a sensible and engaging way to maximise the existing talent within an organisation rather than relying on the constantly changing trends of business and talent management theories.

The theories and case studies Peter uses in his book demonstrate to be highly practical with a very positive impact and outcome. I would recommend any HR professional who is looking for insight into building a talent management strategy to read Genius at Work.

Andrew Howatson, Head of Talent Acquisition, AOL Europe

Will Greenwood, rugby star, talks about Paul Boross' latest book Pitch Up!

Friday, 18 October 2013

New Book Translations Coming Soon

Here's some exciting news about our books - well, it's exciting for us, anyway.

Firstly, a number of our books are going to be translated into Russian and recorded as audiobooks for distribution via Loudbook. Hopefully we'll also be releasing them as printed books in Russian too.

Secondly, two of Peter Freeth's books are going to be translated into Italian and distributed by PNLeCoaching.

I'll update you again when they're available to buy.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Landing an Executive Position: Proven Job Search Strategies That Win Offers by Beverly Harvey

Today's executive job market is fiercely competitive, and executives must market their value to organizations using a diverse range of channels and tactics.

In this book, executive career expert Beverly Harvey gives you a simple, proven, step-by-step approach to:

» Recognize why the job search strategy you used five years ago doesn't work in today’s market
» Create a job search strategy based on your unique aspirations
» Identify your personal brand and value proposition
» Launch an effective job search campaign
» Understand and pursuing the hidden job market
» Design a strategy to leverage your network
» Build an online presence that attracts the right recruiters and decision makers
» Prepare responses to tough interview questions
» Plan for persuasive compensation negotiations
» Get off to a roaring start in your new position

Beverly Harvey is a recognized leader in executive career management. She has contributed to 23 executive career books, has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, and regularly presents corporate workshops for C-level executives.