Friday, 5 July 2013

The Business Cohesion Model

Roger Payne's new book is due for imminent release.

This thought provoking book challenges leaders to think and take action if they are to improve the offering and performance of their organisation... it should be read and acted on by every Chief Executive and their senior leadership teams.

Howard Betts
Centre for Leadership Studies
Exeter University

What is The Business Cohesion Model? It is a concept based on the basic premise that no individual is perfect. Thus, all organisations are made up of imperfect people. The imperfections vary and have different effects on the performance of the business. The aim of The Business Cohesion Model is to minimise these organisational imperfections by aligning people and teams within the brand.

If you agree with the imperfection argument, then you have taken the first step in addressing what is necessary for an organisation to achieve optimum brand performance. Everybody, irrespective of their position or status, has a duty and responsibility to develop, deliver and sustain the brand offering of the business.

The Business Cohesion Model takes you through a sequence of topics, each encouraging you to think about the different issues that face your business. It will challenge and test any preconceived beliefs, values and operational standards, so be prepared, and willing, to follow your instincts as you develop your own ideas and your own Business Cohesion.

The Business Cohesion Model will be available from the 15th July from all good book shops at £19.99.

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