Thursday, 10 February 2011

Latest Reviews for The Pitching Bible Make The Pitch Doctor the Right Prescription For Business

Paul Boross' new book, The Pitching Bible, is getting excellent reviews from the business and media world that prove its value both for entrepreneurs and sales professionals in these tough economic times.

These three reviews, from executives in the media business, demonstrate the broad appeal of the book and also the fact that it has something new and compelling for even the most seasoned and experienced business pitcher.

“I've worked in the media and advertising industry for 30 years, and The Pitching Bible by Paul Boross is the best book on pitching I've ever read. In fact, it's a breath of fresh air for an industry that is having to work harder and harder to get the message across when the answer, in my mind, is in simplicity and impact.

Reading The Pitching Bible is like reading all of the best tips that I've learned the hard way, collected into one easy, enjoyable, insightful read. It wouldn't be fair to call Paul's book common sense; it is uncommon sense – the stuff you know that you ought to know, the stuff that really makes a difference to you winning the business.

Not only is this book easy to read, it's easy to use too. With great examples, clear and practical exercises and beautifully simple checklists, it's a book that you can read from cover to cover and then dip back in to before an important pitch – and if a pitch is worth doing, it's important enough to do it right, with the help of The Pitching Bible.

I'll be recommending The Pitching Bible to all of my friends and colleagues, but not to my competitors, obviously. It really does contain the seven secrets to your competitive advantage.”

Ian Haworth, Chairman and Global Chief Creative Officer, RAPP

“The Pitching Bible is an enjoyable and thought-provoking book that is written with clarity, insight and humour. It takes you on an illuminating journey through the seven secrets of a successful business pitch. Paul Boross explains that he learned the hard way about what does and does not work when pitching. As a consequence he has used his vast and varied experience to create a book that is overflowing with practical ideas and techniques for preparing and delivering a winning pitch.

With subtlety and skill the book challenges the assumptions that the reader brings to it. To support this process Paul regularly offers questioning, reflection and information points for the reader. You are encouraged to work your way through each `secret' and reflect upon your thinking and practice in key areas of pitching. For example, when do you think a pitch actually begins? Who is vital in the process of making you win a pitch, is it you or is it your audience? How is it possible to always remain in control of your pitch? What type of language makes you more persuasive when pitching? Paul Boross offers solutions to every question that he raises. What I like about his solutions is that they are based on real-world experience and have real-world application.

This is an impressive book that actively engages you as a reader. When you finish reading The Pitching Bible you will notice that there is an eighth `secret'...buying a copy of this book will give you a competitive edge when pitching and will help you win more business. I recommend that you buy one.”

Dr. Tim O'Brien, Director of Consulting, Hanover Executive

“The Pitching Bible is a must read for all ambitious business men and women. This beautifully crafted and hugely enjoyable book, from probably the worlds leading expert on the subject, is crammed full with comprehensive and unparalleled authoritive advice on the art and science of pitching for business to optimal effect. The author's findings and persuasive propositions are accompanied by very helpful and often witty explanations, illustrations, exercises, puzzles and personal stories and insights which fully support his advice and add greatly to the appeal of this seminal work.”

Colin Campbell, former Head of Business and Legal at FIVE

The Pitching Bible is available from all good book shops, priced at £14.99.
Published by CGW Publishing, ISBN 978-0-9565358-2-5

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